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The last few planes now available.

The last Holtey planes.

I am surprised how long it has been since I announced my retirement from making planes. This does not mean I am giving up my workshop as I have other projects ongoing which I want to devote my time to.

Over the years a lot of bits and pieces and unfinished planes found their way into my cupboards. The few planes shown above have been made from these parts and are the last of their kind. These planes are available now - just one of each (as shown), except the No.10 of which I have three.

I also have three T21 planes and two No 984 planes in stock, finished.

Unfinished I have two 14 1/2” A1 planes and I know that there are some A31 parts lurking somewhere. These planes will be finished over the rest of the year.

I am upset that I sold all my No.983 planes without keeping one for myself! So if I can find the time I might make a small number of these as I have some parts.

Please contact me if you would like to reserve one of the unfinished planes or for price and availability of the finished stock.